Suspensions List

NWADB Suspension List – As of March 13, 2018


If an individual is suspended on the regional level, the individual is ineligible to participate in the regional sports tournament until they settle their outstanding debt(s) with their local clubs/regional organizations.

An individual may be on a regional suspension list but not on the NSO’s suspension list. The debt at the regional level must be at least $100.00 and complete information given to the NSO in order to be recognized on their suspension list. For more information about the NSO’s suspension list, contact the current NSO officers.

Suspension and Probation may include those who violated NWADB Code of Conduct.

Rose, Ricky (debt)
Silicon Valley Club of the Deaf: Jerry Grisby (debt)
Keith Drown (debt to NWADB)
Joan Drown (debt to NWADB)