Host Guidelines

I. General Chairperson and Tournament Committee
The host club shall appoint or elect the chairperson of the Tournament Committee at least two years prior to the tournament. The chairperson shall be encouraged to read through the NWADB and USADB, rules and regulations. The rules and regulations will be furnished by the host club secretary or the NWADB Vice President. The chairperson shall make photocopies of this guideline for his/her tournament committee.
II. Date of Tournament
The annual NWADB tournament must be held on the fourth weekend of February or the first two weekends of March at least 32 days before the national tournament.
Such date shall be announced one year in advance.
III. Official Report to the NWADB
The host club has a deadline of October 1st of the coming tournament year to furnish a satisfactory report to the NWADB officers as to the date and site of the upcoming NWADB tournament, and the name and address of the
chairman, headquarters, and gymnasiums. If the host club fails to report by the deadline, an automatic fine of $25.00 shall be posted. Upon paying such fine, the deadline shall be extended to November 1st to allow the host club to file a report.
IV. Flyers
The host club shall provide the NWADB Executive Committee itemized ticket information including registration fees and individual ticket prices set by the host club at least (ninety) 90 days prior to the annual NWADB
tournament. No flyers with it itemized prices may be distributed by the host club to any NWADB member clubs without at first getting the approval from the NWADB Executive Committee. Once approved, the prices shall
not be subject to change.
The host club shall email the flyer to NWADB Officers and Webmaster at least two months before the tournament. The flyer shall be posted on NWADB’s website.
V. Registration
The host club shall remit to the NWADB a registration fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00) for each ticket sold. The registration fee shall be included in the price of such tickets. Fifteen dollars ($15.00) registration fee shall apply all ticket holders, tournament committees, NWADB officers, and NWADB/NWAAD Hall of Fame members.
The host club may not add any more fees to the registration of fifteen dollars ($15.00) for their own purposes. The NWADB shall handle player registration electronically. The host club shall add these wordings on all flyers with tickets prices indicating “Subject to USADB and NWADB changes”. This is to prevent last minute foul-ups if additional fees are necessitated by the USADB and NWADB.
VI. Passes
The officers of the NWADB (President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Information Director) and NWADB/NWAAD Hall of Fame members shall be given free passes to all events held during the tournament.
Players (limited to 15 including Manager and Coach) shall be admitted free to all tournament games and social events held (awards and dance) except for banquet where free admittance of the large numbers of players, coaches, and managers would impose an undue financial burden on the host club.
The host club committee may have up to 35 free passes for committee volunteers to events/games during the NWADB tournament.
The host club shall pay the NWADB officers their transportation, equivalent to air coach (round trip) fare plus their ground transportation to and from the airport (a flat rate of thirty dollars [$30.00] per officer) on a 50-
50 basis with NWADB.
In the case of an officer living in the vicinity of the host tournament city, transportation rates will be negotiable.
VII. Lodging
The host club shall provide at the tournament headquarters (hotel/motel), two to four rooms for the officers without cost to the NWADB officers or to the NWADB from the beginning of the tournament to the end.
The host club shall make room reservations for the NWADB officers at least 12 months prior to the tournament and the confirmation of the rooms should be double checked shortly before the tournament.
VIII. Trophies/Plaques/Awards
The host club shall present trophies, plaques or awards to the following:
(Please make the awards small for storing purposes.)
Men and Women:
Third Place(s)
Consolation Champion(s)
First All-Star Team
Second All-Star team (only if five(5) or more teams)
Most Valuable Player
Best Defensive Player
The host club shall engrave properly on the trophies, plaques or awards the following:
Line 1. Number and name of annual tournament
Line 2. The year
Line 3. The name of host club
Line 4. Type of Award
Line 5. Name of donor
IX. Gymnasiums
The host club should make gymnasium reservations at least 12 months prior to the basketball tournament. Electronic scoreboards and visual shot clock shall be provided in the gym(s). Two gym courts or more are recommended because of the largenumber of participating teams.
X. Times of games
Host Club shall share the game times for the participating tournament, with the NWADB’s approval of the game times.
The NWADB Secretary-Treasurer shall notify the participating team coaches the results of the drawings and times of the game fifteen (15) days prior to the annual NWADB tournament.
XI. Balls, Referees, Timers, Scorekeepers
The host club shall provide at least two official-used basketballs for all the games of the basketball tournament
for each Gender.
The host club must hire high school or higher certified referees. (2 referees per game, 3 referees for semi-finals and the championship game). All games in the annual NWADB Basketball Tournament shall have two (2) or three (3) basketball officials that know the rules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). All games will be followed by NCAA Rules and Regulations. There shall be no discrimination of deaf, hearing, men or women.
The host club shall provide the official scorekeeper(s) and timer(s), to help keep score and time during the basketball tournament. The host club shall be responsible for compensating the scorekeeper(s) and timer(s) for their time. The official scorekeeper(s) and timer(s) shall be approved at NWADB Board of Director’s meeting.
The host club should provide the minimum of 2 statisticians, 2 scorekeepers and 2 timers per game for the semi
-final and championship games.
XII. Interpreters
The host club shall provide interpreter(s) to communicate with referees/umpires and others if necessary. (That includes providing an interpreter for an injured player who needs to go to hospital.)
XIII. Hall of Fame Ceremony
The ceremony must be held at every annual NWADB tournament. The time of the ceremony shall be determined by the host club. If held on Saturday night, the ceremony can be combined with the dance/awards events.
The cost of the Hall of Fame ceremony is to be included in the combination ticket.
The host club shall pay $1.00 to the NWADB Hall of Fame Fund for each person who attends the NWADB Hall of Fame Ceremony or a $150.00 flat fee may be paid whichever is higher.
The NWADB Information Director (Hall of Fame Chairman) shall be responsible for providing the Hall of Fame plaques and program books.
XIV. Dance/Awards
The dance/awards event shall be held in a ballroom (optional) at the headquarters or a hall on Saturday night. The size of ballroom may vary depending on the host club city. If there are many people, then get a large room. Try to get one that will h old at least 400 people or more. The ballroom reservations should be made at least 12 months prior to the tournament.
Host club are required to have good security during and after the ballroom event.
XV. Meetings of NWADB Board of Directors and Coaches/Managers
The meeting of the NWADB Board of Directors shall be held on Thursday night or Friday morning at the headquarters (depending on the gym schedule). The meeting of team players/coaches/managers may be held
afterwards to the meeting of the NWADB Board of Directors. The meeting room reservations should be made by the host club at least 12 months prior to the tournament. Meeting equipment (projector, screens, laptop, printer,
whiteboard, and markers, etc.) should be furnished in the meeting room.
NWADB’s Officers might have the right to ask the host club for additional equipment if necessary.
XVI. First Aid/Trainers
Host club shall make arrangements if necessary for quick first aid treatment, trainers if available, location and quick knowledge of nearest hospital or medical clinic.
XVII. Program Book
The NWADB will handle the making and printing of the program book.
At least 15 days prior to the tournament, the NWADB Secretary-Treasurer shall send the host club copies of the signed players registration forms and a tournament bracket sheet.
Team Pictures
The host club shall provide photographer(s) for posing each team two times (30 minutes before their first game of the tournament). The host club shall provide the digital pictures via USB to the NWADB at the closing of the
XVIII. Financial Report
The host club shall submit an itemized financial report to the NWADB Executive Committee within 90 days after the tournament. Host Club will be given $250 back if the financial report is turned in the first 90 days.
XXIV. Host Club Responsibilities:
Set up at least one men’s and one women’s team.
NWADB Officer’s Airfares (50-50% basis with NWADB)
NWADB Officer’s lodgings from Thursday night-Sunday morning
Fees of Scorekeepers, Timers, Interpreters
Gymnasiums Rental
Security/Custodial Services
Meeting Room/Equipment Rental
Ball Room/Hall Rental (optional)
Entertainment (Live Band, etc.) (optional)
Office Supplies/Materials
Trophies/Plaques/Awards (except Hall of Fame plaques & NWADB’s Awards Certificates)
Hall of Fame Fees ($1.00 per person or $150.00 flat)
Publicity (Flyers, Advertisement, etc.)
Other services/expenses
Liability Insurance Premiums (set by NSO)
XXV. NWADB will pay to the host club:
Players/Coaches/Managers Fees ($5.00 per person)
Tournament Planning Schedule/Checklist
All these steps should help for an S-M-O-O-T-H tournament planning. If the host club has any problems with their tournament, they should ask the NWADB President or any other officers for his/her input. His/her address
and phone numbers and email addresses are listed in the NWADB’s website.
Basketball Tournament Date: __________________________________
24 months prior to the tournament Date: ____________________________
The host club should appoint or elect the chairperson of the tournament committee
Have skeleton committee appointed to determine tournament dates
Select headquarters and gymnasiums. Sign contracts for securing headquarters and gymnasiums.
Electronic scoreboards and visual shot clock (NCAA rules) must be available.
12 months prior to the tournament Date: ____________________________
Make reservations for NWADB officers’ rooms and meeting room. The ballroom/hall
are optional.
9 months prior to the tournament Date: ____________________________
Should have committee organization set up.
Tournament committee should have first meeting and make it monthly!
6 months prior to the tournament Date: ____________________________
All committees should be active.
Furnish a satisfactory report to the NWADB Executive Committee before or on October 1st.
Physical facilities should be checked out and schedule developed to put them in first-class condition.
Sign a contract for referees.
3 months prior to the tournament Date: ____________________________
Committees should continue to meet regularly and have plans well underway.
Trophies/Plaques/Awards should be ordered.
Be sure all needed equipment has been ordered.
2 months prior to the tournament Date: ____________________________
Get statistics, all-star, and Hall of Fame information from the NWADB Information Director for the program book.
All committee plans finalized.
Tickets and badges (or wristbands) should be ordered.
1 month prior to the tournament Date: ____________________________
Concessions should be ordered.
All needed equipment on hand; balls, etc.
Meeting of tournament committee — last big check.
Tournament awards should be ready.
3 weeks prior to the tournament. Date: ____________________________
Get registration forms from the NWADB Secretary-Treasurer
Training sessions for scorekeepers, timers, etc.
Final check on availability of interpreter(s) and photographer(s).
Find photographer(s) with functioning digital cameras.
2 weeks prior to the tournament Date: ____________________________
Final check on number of referees.
Final major check of tournament committee to see that all is ready.
All committees meet for final check of responsibilities.
Final week prior to the tournament Date: ____________________________
Registration entries and tickets with badges (or wrist bands) should be ready for all combination ticket holders, players, coaches, managers, delegates, NWADB officers, and NWADB/NWAAD Hall of Fame members.
Check in detail with all committee chairpersons to see that their responsibilities have been carried out. Use a form check to be sure.
Prepare a large tournament bracket sheet and time-court schedule for tournament site.
Double check the confirmations of the NWADB officers’ rooms and meeting rooms.
After the tournament Date: ____________________________
Before leaving for home, host club should check with hotel to see if any damages, people skipping out of payment of rooms and to leave the hotel on a good note.
Copies of financial report should be sent to all NWADB officers within 90 days after the tournament.
All committees’ persons, referees/umpires, interpreters, hotel personnel, newspapers, and all others having a responsibility for the tournament should be sent thank-you letters by the chairperson of the tournament. This i
s the key to allow your club to develop great public relations for the future.
All financial obligations should be completed.
If you have any suggestions for this Guideline, please make notes and share it with
NWADB Vice President. Thank you!
I. General Chairperson and Tournament Committee
II. Date of Tournament
III. Official Report to the NWADB
IV. Flyers
V. Registration
VI. Passes
VII. Transportation
VIII. Lodging
IX. Trophies/Plaques/Awards
X. Gymnasiums
XI. Times of games
XII. Balls, Referees, Timers, Scorekeepers
XIII. Interpreters
XIV. Hall of Fame Ceremony
XV. Dance/Awards
XVI. Meetings of NWADB Board of Directors and Coaches/Managers
XVII. First Aid/Trainers
XVIII. Program Book
XIX. Team Pictures
XX. Financial Report
XXI. Host Club Responsible
XXII. NWADB will pay to the host club
XXIII. Tournament Planning Schedule/Checklist