About Us


Northwest Association of Deaf Basketball (NWADB) is a GREAT basketball organization and is proud to represent 8 different states: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. We have an average of 125 basketball players competing in our regional tournament annually and we attract about 100-150 fans each year to our exciting event.

NWADB creates an environment that is fun, educational and competitive. NWADB also helps develop a strong work ethic, leadership skills, goal setting and the values of teamwork. NWADB has helped prepare many sport teams and coaches to fulfill their dreams. This organization was founded in 1954 and is still going STRONG!

NWADB Officers

Nathan Boyes

Nathan “Snap” Boyes was born and raised in Salem, Oregon where he graduated from the Oregon School for the Deaf in 1999. He attended Western Oregon University before transferring to Gallaudet University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education in 2005. He went back to Western Oregon University to get his Masters in Deaf Education, while starting a family with his wife, Tracey Tasselli. They have two very hyper active sons who never stop making life interesting. Mr. Snap is in his third year of teaching PE/Health/Weight Lifting at the Washington School for the Deaf and coaches many different sports including his son’s little league teams. Nathan has had and still does have many hats in the Deaf community but each one provides a fun and interesting experience.

Nathan was the president of the Deaf Disc Golf Association from 2009-2013. He became the Athletic Director for Vancouver Association of the Deaf from 2010 and currently has this role. He was the 2011’s co-chairperson for the Northwest Softball Association of the Deaf’s Tournament and the 2012’s co-chairperson for the Northwest Association of Deaf Basketball Tournament.

Vice President
Scott Walburg

Scott grew up in Florida and graduated from FSDB in 1987 and from St. Petersburg Junior College in 1992. He played for SEAAD for about 5 years before moving to Washington State in 1993. While living there, he played for NWAAD/NWADB for 8 years. Scott was the chairperson for NWADB twice and hosted the tournaments in Seattle in 2009 and 2014. Scott always love to be involved and socialize with the deaf community. 

Scott’s wife, Tammy, graduated from FSDB and they have been together for 25 years. They have two grown up kids named Micah and Lacey. 

Secretary / Treasurer
Craig Radford

Craig Radford grew up in a small town in Eastern Idaho, where he spent his days feeding cows, moving pipe, working in the potato fields, and shaping a mindset for hard work and personal accountability. He has had to overcome a host of obstacles in life on his way through college at Utah State University receiving his MBA. Craig has chaired two successful 2006 and 2010 NWADB tournaments, also chaired 2011’s Western States Basketball Tournament in SLC, Utah with 8 schools participating. He has volunteered his time for over 10 years with Utah Athletic Club of the Deaf where he was part of helping them to secure funds at over $20,000.00. He has served in various positions such as President, Vice President, and Athletic Director. He has also coached basketball for over 12 years. During his high school years, he played in the International Sport Exchange Olympics in China winning the gold.

Craig joined NWADB at a point when it was struggling financially and working closely with officers to transform it into a financially healthy organization.

Craig lives in Salt Lake City Utah with his wife Jill, his daughters Alexis and Taylor, and his sons Jordan, Mason, and Titan. In his free time, he loves fly-fishing, hiking, waterskiing, and snowmobiling.

Information Director
Brandon Dopf

Brandon Dopf grew up as the only Deaf person in a small farming community in central Idaho. During his free time, he enjoys the outdoors such as waterskiing, kayaking, and motorcycling. He received his Bachelors at Utah State University and Masters at Colorado Technical University. He has played in NWADB representing Utah since 2004 and continues to play while serving as an NWADB officer. He enjoys seeing old friends and meeting new people every year at the tournaments.

Brandon currently resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with his wife, Lisa and daughter, Hallie.

Public Relations
Justin Anderson